Group Health Coaching Sessions.

Different types of group coaching sessions are offered to fit a variety of client needs. Clients meet together either in-person or virtually for six week, 90 minute sessions.

Advantages and opportunities for clients include:

  • Learn from each other – Clients are able to hear from others going through the process of change, and think about how to apply those experiences to achieve their own goals. They may also learn about helpful information and resources, particularly if they are working on a similar issue as other group members.
  • Support each other – As group members develop camaraderie and trust, they can support one another both during and outside of the group sessions.
  • Reduced cost – It is less expensive for clients to work with an experienced, certified health & wellness coach in a group rather that individual sessions.

Different group structures are available:

Closed Sessions: In-person and Virtual

Clients can sign up for group coaching sessions scheduled for a specific 6-week period. These sessions will be closed with all members beginning and ending at the same time and no new members will be allowed to join once the group starts. Sessions will allow each member to go through the entire coaching process step-by-step, one week at a time, to address their specific wellness need. This type of coaching may include educational aspects as well as coaching, depending upon the make-up of the group.

Open Sessions for the Intentional Wellness Facebook Community Group:

These are available for those who sign up for an account after taking the free on-line Wellness Focus Quiz. Sessions will be ongoing, members can join or leave at different times and stay for various lengths of time. Clients decide if and when they are ready to enter the group coaching sessions. All who sign up for the account have access to all information, links, Q&A sessions and guest speaker/experts, with an option to join the group coaching sessions.