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Here are 7 great foods to keep your digestive tract healthy Asheville according to Organic Gardening! Include these foods to keep the biodiversity in your digestive tract working. Much of our available food can suppress the protective gastrointestinal properties, especially GMO-modified foods, processed foods, and too much sugar. To bring back balance and stability to your digestive system, try these probiotic-rich foods:

Greek Yogurt - Real Greek yogurt serves as a potent dairy-based probiotic, has 15-20 grams of protein per 6-ounce serving, and amino acids that jump-start your metabolism. Be sure to get true Greek yogurt and not "Greek style" yogurt. Check the ingredients list - it should only include mile and cultures.

Kefir - Is sort of like a drinkable yogurt. It is a fermented dairy product that contains oligosaccharides, complex carbs, that feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Keeping things in check also help to supercharge your immune system! Be sure to keep your kefir cold because the live and active cultures are sensitive to heat. Also avoid kefir with high sugar content. Too much sugar damages your healthy intestinal flora.

Artichokes - Artichokes are potent prebiotics, meaning they contain undigestible nutrients that help feed the beneficial bacteria growth within your digestive system. They are a "healthy meal" for the helpful bacteria in your gut. If you don't care for artichokes, you can eat other prebiotics like asparagus, bananas, and lentils.

Miso Soup - The fermented soybeans in miso contain an abundance of beneficial bacteria and isoflavones, which can protect against cancer and possibly halt the production of fat cells. Look for organic miso soup to avoid harmful additives and genetically engineered soy.

Sauerkraut - Fermented cabbage acts as a probiotic muscle. Avoid canned sauerkraut because it's been pasteurized which kills off most of the healthy bacteria.

Kimchi - This spicy fermented cabbage dish has been a staple for centuries in Korean culture. Eating this is like taking a tonic for your gastrointestinal tract. It is very beneficial to your immune system. If you don't care for the spicy, sour taste of kimchi on its own, just add some to mashed potatoes, rice or salads.

Kombucha - This fermented tea serves as a healthy replacement for carbonated drinks like soda. Mildly tart and effervescent, it is teeming with beneficial bacteria to coat your digestive tract. The fermentation process also creates healthy B vitamins that can activate energy.