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How is 2014 going for you? I hope it's "Rocking" for you. Want some inspiration? You can get access to a "FREE" e-book (200 pages) that can help you grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. The organizer Mark Bowness is being interviewed on over 50 radio shows. He has a story to tell--From Suicide to Success. You will want to hear his story and read this e-Book that represents 31 experts. There are five of us from the Asheville area-Dawn Westmoreland, Martha Hansen, Mandy Wildman, Wayne Porter, and myself, who have contributed to this e-book available at Here is the last radio interview. I was so excited that the radio host enjoyed my Chapter, which is Chapter 12 ("Dear Bad Stress, Let's Breakup!"). The interview is about an hour long and you can hear the comments on my chapter if you fast forward to about 46 mins. 2014 is the year to unleash your dream. Go for it!

Here is the e-Book:

Here is the radio interview with Mark Bowness :

How is 2013 Going?

How are your 2013 resolutions going so far? Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing people already giving up on their goals and dreams for the new year - especially when it is still January!! Let's face it making real, lasting change is hard. But not impossible! On January 1 I sent out an article on New Year, New Beginnings with an exercise to help get the year kick-started. Please check it out.  If you are having trouble doing this exercise, I want you to do a Resolution Break-through call with me!

Preparing for 2013

Looking forward  as you prepare for the year ahead, envision what you want for yourself in 2013 and beyond. Create intentions for important aspects of your life which might include...

  • The physical ... movement, exercise, rest, nutrition, environment
  • The personal ... self-development (personally and professionally), relationships, communication
  • The spiritual ... self-awareness, spirituality, mind & body connection, mindfulness and purpose

Once you have envisioned directions, take a mindful approach to planning by...

  • Determining your top 3 goals (being very specific).
  • Identifying critical choices you can make, especially those that involve saying "no" to yourself or others to achieve desired behaviors or goals.
  • Scoping out challenges or barriers that you will need to overcome with a special focus on those that may be self-inflicted.
  • Determine what support you may need from others.
  • Envision success by answering the question "What will success look like and how will I feel this time next year if I achieve my goals?".
Shirley Michl, IHC, CPCC, ACC
Owner & Principal, Intentional Wellness, LLC




Planning Tool for Life and Work

In my February article "Where are you headed?", I shared thoughts on how to create your own personal vision and define your values. By doing this you are more likely to reach your vision and meet your goals. The attached link is to a tool Ralph Perrine has created to help in planning your life and also in business. It is not only creative, but easy and practical! See what 12 Drawings can do for you!