Is It Time to Make a Change?

Is It Time to Make a Change? Do you accept yourself

for everything that you are?

Do you look at yourself

openly and honestly

and appreciate the person you call "me"?

There's no need for a mirror

to see your reflection

because your face changes from day to day;

it is what is inside your heart

that tells the true story of your life.

You need to be totally truthful

about who you really are.

Are you someone who feels secure

with yourself,

or are you looking for someone else

to make you feel content?

Are you someone who reaches out

to give to others

or are you looking for protection?

Are you someone who smiles naturally

or do you hide behind social politeness?

Are you someone who finds fault

in the world around you

or are you willing to listen to solutions?

Are you the kind of person

you really want to be

or is it time to make a change?