Join A New Year's Revolution

How is 2014 going for you? I hope it's "Rocking" for you. Want some inspiration? You can get access to a "FREE" e-book (200 pages) that can help you grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. The organizer Mark Bowness is being interviewed on over 50 radio shows. He has a story to tell--From Suicide to Success. You will want to hear his story and read this e-Book that represents 31 experts. There are five of us from the Asheville area-Dawn Westmoreland, Martha Hansen, Mandy Wildman, Wayne Porter, and myself, who have contributed to this e-book available at Here is the last radio interview. I was so excited that the radio host enjoyed my Chapter, which is Chapter 12 ("Dear Bad Stress, Let's Breakup!"). The interview is about an hour long and you can hear the comments on my chapter if you fast forward to about 46 mins. 2014 is the year to unleash your dream. Go for it!

Here is the e-Book:

Here is the radio interview with Mark Bowness :