Momentum...a Force for Success

3-2 The quintessential initiative that keeps anything moving forward in life is the idea of increased momentum. Momentum refers to movement that builds and builds and builds, it builds into success and it builds until there is nothing left but positive aspects in its wake. To be honest, momentum is truly able to turn anything into something that is completely extraordinary. Momentum, as a whole, is integral for individuals to welcome and take note of, because it does actually define where we are all going in our lives and where we will eventually end up. We need momentum to thrive and we need momentum to grow and move forward. In regards to personal freedom, independence, and success, momentum needs to be firmly set in place or else problems or stalling effects can start to rear their ugly heads. In reality, for momentum to truly survive, we must have the clear-cut mindset that we will keep on going no matter what may happen or what might arise in the future. The mindset of an individual is integral to how much or less momentum an individual possesses in their own life. For anything to start and continue moving, momentum must be evident through and through, and that is why we must remember to say yes to the ideas pertaining to movement and change, instead of an all-resounding no.

One big issue that can arise with momentum set in place is the fact that a victim mentality could easily come into play. This is the perspective of "they" are doing this to me, or I can't do anything about this so I might as well give up. Sometimes with momentum and movement, disappointment does have a tendency to arise as does confusion and fear which can trigger our limiting beliefs. If we want to succeed in any area of our life, we must merely look at these "seemingly" negative aspects of momentum as a greater part of the positive points that it does bring. What may initially look like failure or a huge setback, may actually be gifts (although sometimes well disguised). Momentum breeds success and there is no other way around it!