Helpful Guide to Exercising at Your Desk

Check out this simple and helpful guide for exercising at your desk from Concept Seating. They are easy to do throughout your day. Many of us may sit for hours everyday. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many chronic diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. For your health please try these five simple desk exercises...they are simple to do! Please try them.





Infographic courtesy of Concept Seating, a high back chair provider.

Kicking Off the New Year

Here we are kicking off a new year, getting a new start, a chance to begin a healthy new lifestyle!  To help you learn practical tips, articles and recipes for a healthier, more vibrant life - here is a wonderful resource from Duke Integrative Medicine Programs. As a graduate of their training and certification program, I can tell you they are top-notch! Please check out and sign up for their new blog at

Watch the short video on habits! It explains in simple terms how habits are formed...both good and bad ones. It will help you understand how our brains can become automatically wired to continue a pattern without us even consciously thinking. The good news is....we can make a choice to change the unhealthy patterns we have and create new healthy patterns. We always can make a different, better choice! 

Enjoy the blog and let me know what you think of it!

2017 is the year for health!

2017 is the year for health!