The Cha-Cha of Life!

Cha-cha of lifeOk, I am a health/life coach so I am supposed to have my life figured out, be completely transformed into my great self and well on my way to achieving my BIG dream. Right? Well, theoretically that’s the plan, but the journey continues to challenge, surprise me, and cause me pain, confusion, and oh yes, joy!!! Cha-cha-cha. This is one of those times in my life when I feel as though I am doing the cha-cha. I move forward, things are flowing, then BAM! I get shaky, doubt myself, and move backwards. The syndrome commonly known as the cha-cha of life!  Things are shifting and changing…which is good and yet unsettling right now. Anyone else experiencing this? I am feeling on the verge of some great things about to happen for me both professionally and personally. So, why is it also causing me discomfort??

The discomfort is being fueled by my old belief pattern of I am not good enough and should be doing better. My business should be growing by leaps and bounds. Yet I should have the time I want to grow myself in other ways. I should do all this really, really well…probably perfectly. I should not be feeling anxious. After all I am an experienced coach right? I have been successful in my life professionally and personally right? And….I realize I am “should-ing” myself into a state of stress!!

Yep, some old patterns are rearing their ugly little heads and not helping one bit!!!  So, what do I know? Nothing is perfect in life. I know this, so it’s about time I accept this for myself…really accept it. If I stop the negative runaway train in my head and think about all that I have done and accomplished I actually get a better view and perspective of myself.

If this sounds familiar - try this. Write down all the things you have accomplished, achieved, done…everything positive. Now just sit and take it in. Amazing isn’t it! Was it perfect? Never! And, you still did some amazingly beautiful things in your life. And, so have I. Let’s practice this reframing and just enjoy the dance of life!