The Joy of Quiet

Here is an interesting article on the joy of quiet about how unplugging ourselves from the constant and endless stream of information from the internet, phones, and televisions is becoming more important, and necessary.  The full article can be found at: "In barely one generation we’ve moved from exulting in the time-saving devices that have so expanded our lives to trying to get away from them — often in order to make more time. The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug. Like teenagers, we appear to have gone from knowing nothing about the world to knowing too much all but overnight."

Considering how most of us rush around with little to no time to stop, think, reflect - we increasingly feel stressed out.  A constant state of stress can lead to health issues and an increased sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Consider - taking 5 minutes of your day to stop, breathe deeply, and be still.  Imagine what that may be like.  Just 5 minutes!  By stopping, unplugging, and being mindful for just a short period of time can yield amazing benefits...decreased stressed, physiological benefits, renewed energy and focus.

Please try this and let me know what it was like and what you realized.