Tips for a Better Day

Do you find yourself running and doing all day long with little time to just be present? You are not alone. In today's busy world most of us struggle to keep up with the never ending demands and stress. Which means we continue to run and do...and never allow ourselves to just be present in the moment. Here is the secret to helping you have a better day, no matter what gets thrown at you. CHOOSE to do things differently! That's right. You always have a choice - even when you don't think you do.

Here are some quick tips to practice daily to have more peace of mind. It does take practice, so don't give up.

1.  Practice gratitude. Every moment is a chance to count our blessings. Gratitude practice helps us realize all the things we do have in our lives.

2.  Practice kindness. In our daily lives of busy-ness we all constantly do and move at such a fast pace and as a result, kindness can get lost. Just stop for a moment, offer a smile to yourself and someone else.

3.  Practice patience. Take a breath and a moment to realize that we all deserve patience. The key is that it begins with yourself, exactly where you are.

4.  Practice love. Just like patience, it begins with ourselves. When you are able to love yourself for who you are, you are able to love others more freely and completely.

5.  Breathe. Just breathe, it is that simple. Breath is the gift of life. As we get older, we begin to breathe more from our chest than from deep in our bellies. We begin to lose the connection to our breath and bodies and live in a state of constant fight or flight. When we reconnect to our breath, we begin to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and can experience a sense of calmness.

6. Allow stillness. It is in being still that all this integrates. When we allow ourselves time to be still and quiet, we begin to let go and feel who we truly are and what is most important to us.