Top Reasons Why You Should Hire a Health-Life Coach

1 Conversation could change your lfieCoaches have been around for a long time and have become very popular in the last few decades...for a good reason! Now health-life coaches are increasingly being sought out and hired by many people. But just what is a health-life coach?  This is an coach who has been trained and certified in supporting people in reaching their optimal health and fulfilling life. Health is not merely the absence of disease or symptoms. It is a state of optimal wellbeing, vitality and wholeness. Given this, every aspect in our life can either contribute to our total wellness or can detract from it. These life aspects include nutrition, exercise, rest, job/career, personal development, spirituality, relationships, physical environment and mind-body connection. Using a health-life coach is often the fastest, most effective way to reach your optimal wellness and success. A coach is a powerful influence in your life in helping you understand yourself, what barriers are in your way, and motivate you to work on your priorities. Being within ourselves, it's hard to have a neutral opinion on what we need to work on, or how to get where we want to be - a health-life coach can provide an objective perspective and provide help.

There are many reasons why you should hire a health-life coach to make positive changes in your life. Here are the top reasons why:

  1.  Help You Understand Your Strengths...and Weaknesses. Many of us do not recognize our strengths and can over-emphasize our weaknesses. This leads to an imbalance in our understanding of ourselves, our feelings and beliefs about ourselves, which directly impacts our behavior and life! Some of us are confident in our strengths, but unsure how to begin addressing other areas of our life. A health-life coach can help you uncover both your real strengths, how to leverage those, and how to deal with weaknesses to be more successful. Your coach can help you create an action plan that helps you move forward.
  2. Help You Discover What You Truly Want in Your Life....Your Vision and Your Core Values. This provides both motivation and inspiration to begin taking the steps leading to your vision. Once this is clear to you, your coach will help you identify your focus areas and priorities to begin developing a realistic action plan with steps. Without this clarity you risk just going through life only focused on getting through each day without making each day truly count to reaching your passion.
  3. Help You Break Through Your Barriers to Optimal Health and Life. There will be barriers and obstacles to overcome in achieving the life you deserve. Most of us consider only the external will I fit this in to my already overloaded schedule? Those will certainly be there and your coach will help you focus back on your vision/values and think through how to overcome or work-around those types of barriers. However, usually the most significant barriers are internal. Once you begin working with a health-life coach, she/he will help you to connect to your internal limits and habits that hold you back. This type of self-exploration is critical in truly understanding, accepting, forgiving, and changing to achieve your best self. We all have developed habits and self-limiting beliefs from early in life. By looking deeply inside honestly and openly, you can then begin to change your thoughts, feelings and self-talk to overcome internal barriers. Yes, it is possible!
  4. Hold You Accountable. A health-life coach will make sure you are completing all your priorities and will coach you through procrastination, lack of motivation, and other limits you place on yourself. It's easy to get discouraged and lapse into old behaviors when you are moving down a path alone, but a coach will truly partner with you by holding you accountable and responsible for the things you have committed to do and help you get to your desired outcome.
  5. Get You Results, Faster. A health-life coach can help you clear through the distractions of life, lack of motivation, well-worn excuses, and self-limiting beliefs to get you results! The added benefit here is that your coach can do it in a way that helps you to get through to the end result your optimal life. You could spend days procrastinating for all types of reasons, but if you are preparing to meet with your will likely begin taking the steps you committed to on moving forward. There is something very powerful about someone holding you accountable, especially in a truly supportive way.
  6. Help You Be You! This means once you begin working with a health-life coach, she/he will get to know you very well. The coach may be the first person you confide in and share some personal information with. A coach works to establish an open and trusting relationship where the conversations are held in strict confidence. During this process, your coach can open your eyes to the real person you are and the person you can continue to grow to be. There is nothing more wonderful than discovering  who you truly are, what your passion is, and what lights you up about life. When you invest in a health-life coach, your are truly investing in yourself...and that alone is worth it. It is all about YOU!

There are so many benefits when it comes to hiring a health-life coach and I encourage you to give it a try. If you're interested in hiring me as your coach, I'm happy to speak with you about it. Just schedule a meeting with me from my website. Coaching is a passion of mine and I am confident that in working together, we can together build the life you truly want and deserve. You are worth the investment in yourself!