Where Are You Headed? Do You Have a Personal Vision?

Where are you headed? Do you have a personal vision? As easy as these questions seem, we often don’t have the answers. Or we have never taken the time to consider them.  Are you going through everyday just to get through it?

You are not alone. Resolutions are often wishes for health, improvement, happiness, and fulfillment. Unfortunately, despite good intentions mere wishes don’t work. Why? Because the focus is on the wish as the means of fulfillment, optimal health, or happiness. You need to start with, “Where do I want to be, where am I headed?” Only after that is clear and specific can you begin to set the goals and action steps to reach that vision.

Creating your vision

How do you start? Start by asking yourself questions - those that make you stop and ponder. The questions cause you to contemplate and reflect on what really is important to you. Some questions may be:

  • What is the best possible vision of me?
  • What am I capable of? What am I doing?
  • How do I feel?
  • What things are possible for me?

Spend time with these questions.  You deserve it! It does require your commitment and it won’t be easy. It’s well worth the trouble and time. Starting with finding your answers, knowing what it is you WANT out of life is key to achieving it. You are too important to leave your life up to chance or being so busy doing that you miss what is meaningful and possible.

Defining your values

Once your vision is clear, stop and think about what makes your vision so important to you. What is it that it gives you? If you do not attain it, what are you missing? These questions to identify your core values.

Discovering and articulating your values provides sharp clarity to assess your life. Are you living your values? What is the impact of living in your values? What does it provide to you? What is the impact of not living in your values? What are you missing?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to examine your life, create a personal vision and define your values? It shines the light on what is truly important and meaningful for you. It provides the stepping stones to getting back on track with choices when you falter. It helps to keep you moving forward in a powerful way that resolutions may not. It’s your journey. The choice is yours.

Let me know what you think!