Leadership Coaching


Leadership coaching packages are available to leaders within organizations beginning with a minimum of a six-month commitment. Each coaching engagement is highly customized and tailored to the individual executive. Work is done by partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Working as a thought partner, the process helps the client clarify what is most important to them. Further exploration reveals that what they really want is tied to having more of or less of something important or threatening to them. Pinpointing their true challenge helps clarify a new and amazing solution. Once clarity is achieved a plan of action is developed to maximize leadership performance. Executive coaching can be used in a variety of situations with the intent of accelerating leadership potential. Leaders gain insight and self awareness, leverage their strengths, and develop skills to avoid career de-railers.

Coaching engagements are used to:

Develop high potentials for future leadership roles

Support leaders taking on larger roles or are new to an organization

Provide development to increase effectiveness and business impact

Strengthen a leader through assessment, feedback and skill building

Enhance a leader’s ability to develop other leaders and create a high performing team

Develop relationships with peers, subordinates, clients, executives, and stakeholders