Sai Shakti Healing

Sai Shakti Healing is an ancient science of the soul. Through transmitting energy to the energy centers of the body, dust, debris, or blockages from heartbreaking or negative experiences can be removed. By gently returning to the natural state of being, healing takes place from the inside out.

Experience Sai Shakti Healing

Everyone wants happiness, health and love in their life. However, we live in a time when negativity is running wild and the world is shaking. There is help in these troubled times to return to joy, health and the flow of divine energy through Sai Shakti Healing. 

The Benefits of Sai Shakti Healing:

  • Improve all areas of life - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

  • Heal and empower women, pregnant mothers, and children 

  • Release heartbreak, depression, and negative relationships

  • Clear personal blocks such as fear, anxiety, jealousy

  • Balance sexual energy

  • Bring prosperity and success in business and personal life

  • Create protection circles around you

  • Raise your soul vibration

  • Heal abuse, abandonment and childhood wounds

  • Bring relief from negative energies