Stress Reduction Workshops

Stress Reduction Workshops are designed and tailored to the specific needs of the audience. All workshops are created to be interactive so participants gain practical skills and tips that can be immediately put to use. The intent in all courses is learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and practicing healthy ways of dealing with life’s stressors. Delivery options include courses by Shirley Michl only, while others are delivered in partnership with other health practitioners.

Two to Four-Hour Workshops

The purpose is to provide a high-level overview of the effects of stress, practical tips on how to manage stress, and an opportunity to practice relaxation exercises. Participants walk away with some simple activities they can use on their own.

Full-Day Workshops

The purpose is to provide training and practical experience in the techniques and skills to effectively manage life’s stressors and how to manage your stress during challenges. The workshop is oriented toward interactive participation and practical experience rather than lecture. Participants will learn and practice a number of mindfulness and relaxation exercises that can be done on their own after leaving the workshop.

Two-Day Retreats

The retreat is designed to provide a full mind, body, and spiritual rejuvenation by allowing time to find greater inner peace and reduce stress. The approach is centered on the mantra “Calm the Mind, Heal the Body, Revive the Spirit.” The first step will be learning simple meditation techniques, breathing exercises that begin the process of turning off the harmful chemistry created by stress. Participants then experience different discussions, exercises, individual and small-group activities all focused on providing insights, gaining knowledge and experience in what triggers your stress response and how to respond in positive, healthy ways. Retreats also include relaxing massages and therapies to really help participants unwind and rejuvenate. Each participant will receive an individual health and wellness consultation to help reflect upon what is most important in life, insights gained, contemplate what this means, and begin to create an action plan. Healthy, delicious food will also be served. What you can expect from a retreat:

Reconnect to your true self
Learn and practice methods to better yourself and your life
Relax at a deep level
Rejuvenate your spirit
Take time for reflection
Gain clarity on an issue or your life path
Find meaning in your life beyond daily or material concerns